Welcome to Navigators

A community of professionals using both HubSpot and Salesforce for learning and collaboration.

Why Join the Navigators Community?

Conversations surrounding HubSpot and Salesforce typically pit them against one another. We've all heard it.

"Should I use HubSpot or Salesforce?"
"How does reporting work in HubSpot versus Salesforce?"

Well, we think it's time to build a bridge. In the Navigators community, we have stopped asking HubSpot or Salesforce. 

We've embraced the best of both worlds, and we use HubSpot AND Salesforce. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the Navigators community.

The Results You'll Get

Our community and certification course both focus on the HubSpot Salesforce integration. 

The Navigators Community is designed to support professionals:

  • Already using the HubSpot Salesforce integration.
  • About to install the HubSpot Salesforce integration.
  • Considering switching to HubSpot for marketing and keeping Salesforce as the primary CRM.

This community and the certification course were designed by Lauren Ryan, a HubSpot Certified Trainer with five active Salesforce certifications and 10 years of experience in HubSpot and Salesforce. Join today to access the expertise she's gained and cut your learning curve for the HubSpot Salesforce integration in half.

When You Join Today

When you join the Navigators today, you'll have access to:

  • Forum: Ask & answer questions about the HubSpot Salesforce integration with industry experts—like the HubSpot Forum and Salesforce Feed but better.
  • Knowledge Base: Access documentation similar to Trailhead and the HubSpot Knowledge Base, but specifically for the HubSpot Salesforce integration.
  • Training Library: Access recordings of live training on all aspects of the HubSpot Salesforce integration
  • & More!

Now, choose your plan and get started!

Which Plan Should I Choose?

There are three plans to choose from as part of the Navigators Community—Partial and Full Navigators Community Access and the Integration Certification Course.

Navigators Community Access

Access to forums, how-to documentation, trainings, and more.

This community is specific to professionals using the HubSpot Salesforce integration. You will need to answer two questions to be considered for membership. If you are accepted to the community, you will start with a free trial to the community to make sure it's as valuable as we think it is. Then, you will continue on your journey as a Navigator. Learning from and with experts in the HubSpot Salesforce integration. If you're just looking for the forum, you can stick with the free plan for partial access.

Integration Certification Course

A one-time fee for access to the Certification Course. 

This HubSpot Salesforce Certification Course offers 9 modules comprised of 86 videos training the learner on the HubSpot Salesforce integration. After taking this course, the learner will receive a certification proving their capabilities in:

  • Building a RevOps Strategy with HubSpot and Salesforce
  • Designing a Plan for the HubSpot Salesforce integration
  • Preparing Salesforce CRM for integration with HubSpot
  • Installing the HubSpot Salesforce integration
  • Managing Sync Errors in the HubSpot Salesforce integration
  • Building Automations in HubSpot and Salesforce to support marketing and sales
  • Reporting in HubSpot and Salesforce on marketing and sales performance

These membership options are not mutually exclusive. While you may sign up for one or the other, we promise you'll want to sign up for both to get the most out of the HubSpot Salesforce integration ASAP.

Questions before joining? Email [email protected]